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Coming Together to Worship as a Group in Fun and Effective Ways


Gathering together with other Christians is a wonderful way to grow in your faith. Many Christian teens spend time each week in youth group activities at their church. Youth Pastors and leaders can do a lot to ensure Christian values and growth in youth by taking an active role in their lives.
  1. Activities and Outings
  2. Youth Leaders
  3. Bible Study

Activities and Outings

Spending time in church service is a great way to learn about God and the Bible. Yet, fellowship comes out of interaction, and Christian teens love the social aspect of youth group activities ranging from outreach to purely social get-togethers.

Youth Leaders

One of the greatest influences on any Christian teen doesn't come from worship music or the words coming from the pulpit...it comes from youth leadership. Adults taking an active role in teens' lives, sharing experiences and guiding their path, can make quite a difference in a Christian teen's spiritual growth.

Bible Study

Outings and spending time together may be good for spiritual growth, but it has to have a root. A Bible study keeps Christian teens focused on God's Word while it also provides social time together. It fosters a greater love of God and positive interpersonal relationships.

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