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Celebrating Our Freedom to Believe

Independence Day is here, and even though it is a truly American holiday, it is something we can all appreciate.  We celebrate this day as a reminder of how much freedom really means.  We are grateful for those that came before us, because the ability to live in a country where we are free to observe our religion without persecution is something not everyone has, and we should not take it for granted.

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4 Bible Stories about Sibling Rivalry

There are several stories of the Bible on sibling rivalry. Here are some that give us important lessons in how to get along with our own siblings.

8 Ways to Overcome Sibling Rivalry

It's important in our family relationships that we overcome sibling rivalry. Here are 8 ways you can have a better relationship with your siblings.

How to Be a Good Older Sibling

Getting along with our younger brothers and sisters isn't always the most simple thing, but it is the Godly thing. Being the older sibling comes with a good deal of responsibility, so here are some ways you can be a better older sibling.

A Prayer for Your Brother

Need help putting together a prayer for your brother? Here is a simple one to get you started.

A Prayer for Your Sister

Need some help saying a prayer for your sister? Here is a simple one to get you started.

Bible Verses on Sibling Rivalry

Want to know what the Bible says about sibling's getting along? Here are some Bible verses on sibling rivalry.

How Do We Repent?

How do we repent? What is it that makes repenting so different from just asking for forgiveness?

What is Repentance?

What is repentance and what does it mean to our faith and our lives? How can we be truly repentant as we go on our Christian walk?

Bible Verses on Repentance

It is important that, when we sin, we turn to God. There are many Bible verses on repentance that remind us why it is important.

Bible Verses on Flirting

There are a number of Bible verses on flirting that remind us that our behavior and what we say matter.

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