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New International Version (NIV)


The Translation:

The New International Version is represented by the abbreviation “NIV.” The creators of the NIV Bible set out to create a translation that was easy to read, memorize, and use in service.

Some History:

Conceived in 1965, the NIV is the cumulative work of over 100 biblical scholars. They used the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts to create a version of the Bible written in Contemporary English. The scholars met in Palos Height, Illinois in 1965 and by 1966 the church leaders that met in Chicago, Illinois endorsed the new translation.

What Sets It Apart:

It has been said that no other translation of the Bible has gone through such thorough review. Each book of the NIV Bible was handed over to a team of scholars that painstakingly reviewed and revised the work. They used consultants to make style suggestions, and they tested each book for clarity and readability.


All of the reviews and revisions took time, but the New Testament was put into print in 1973. The committee in charge of the NIV accepted suggestions and criticisms, and they used the input for the first printing of the entire Bible in 1978. By 1983 more changes were made and put into print.

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