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What is the Presbyterian Church's Postition on Homosexuality?


Question: What is the Presbyterian Church's Postition on Homosexuality?
Many denominations have differing views on homosexuality. The Presbyterian Church has its own views. There are even differing views among Presbyterian groups. What are the views of the Presbyterian Church about homosexuality?

The Presbyterian Church (USA) continues to debate the issue of homosexuality. Currently the church takes the stance that homosexuality is a sin, but maintains a concern for homosexual believers. However, the Presbyterian Church (USA) does not necessarily take a stance on whether or not the sexual orientation is chosen or changeable. The "Definitive Guidance" warns members to be sensitive when rejecting the sin so they do not reject the person.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) also calls for the elimination of laws that govern private sexual behavior between adults and laws that would discriminate based upon sexual orientation. However, the church does not sanction homosexual marriage in the church, and a Presbyterian minister cannot perform a same sex union ceremony like the marriage ceremony.

Other, smaller, Presbyterian church groups like the Presbyterian Church in America, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church all state that homosexuality goes against Biblical teachings, but they do believe homosexuals can repent of their "lifestyle" choice.

More Light Presbyterians is a Presbyterian Church group that seeks to include homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people into the church. it was founded in 1974 and allows openly homosexual members to become deacons and elders in the church.

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