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Top 5 Summer Camps for Christian Teens


What are your plans this summer? Some of you may head out on mission trips while others may be more interested in camps that help you grow in your Christian faith. With offerings from Bible studies to outdoor adventures, these are some of the best summer camps available for Christian teens:

1. Camp Magruder

Camp Magruder is a camp for Christian teens on Oregon's spectacular coast. Events range in duration from weekend retreats to week-long camps. Each camp is organized and led by trained and qualified volunteers and supported by the camp's professional staff.

2. Kanakuk Kamps

Owned by Joe and Debbie-Jo White, and with locations in Colorado and Missouri, the Kanakuk Kamps have been serving Christian teens since 1926. They offer over 70 sports and activities including backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rappelling, rafting, waterskiing and more. They also teach kids how to have a Christ-like attitude. All of the Christian sports camps are residential, offering 7-day, 13-day and 25-day terms.

3. Rock-N-Water

With one day adventures, week long summer camps, and multi-day retreats, this California-based summer camp for Christian Teens offers summer adventures for junior and high school students, as well as for Christian youth groups, schools, and families. Rock-N-Water uses rock climbing, backpacking, white water river rafting, and team building retreats to draw relationships closer to God.

4. LIFE TEEN Summer Camp

According to LIFE TEEN Camps, "The Holy Spirit has anointed each camp with its own uniqueness and blessings. Each camp holds a special place in the heart of us all as we explore more of the Ultimate Catholic Experience through camping." With a 100 percent Catholic focus, the summer camp includes ministry, music, and growth opportunities for leaders and Christian teens. There are camps located in Arizona, Missouri, and Georgia.

5. Camp Kulaqua

This ACA accredited and Seventh Day Adventist owned Christian camp is located in north central Florida. Activities include horseback riding, go-carts, swimming, zoo management, drama, canoeing, snorkeling, crafts, archery, skateboarding, and much more.

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