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Top 5 Cheap Dates for Christian Teens

Easy, Fun, and Romantic Ways To Impress Your Date on a Budget


You're a teenager, so having a ton of money to go out on a date is probably something you don't have. You're also a Christian, so finding the right place to go on a date that is a little romantic, but not putting you in a compromising position, is also a concern. Here are 5 date ideas that are cheap, fun, and romantic all the same:

1. Plan a Picnic

A romantic picnic in the park, your backyard, on the beach, etc. won't cost you much, but it makes a big impact. Put a basket together of sandwiches, drinks, chips and some utensils. You're ready to go. Most of the items you need are probably already in your fridge and pantry. Add in something romantic like poetry to read to your special person, and you have a nice, romantic date.

2. Movie Night at Home

Wait, don't you watch movies all the time? Sure, but do you always watch your date's favorite movies? Plan a night around popcorn, soda and whatever your date loves to watch. Pop in the DVD and enjoy the fact that your date is enjoying himself/herself. Talk about the movies after. Find out why he or she loves that movie. You'll be amazed at how much you learn about each other and how much fun you'll have.

3. Free Day/Night at the Museum or Zoo

Most museums or zoos have a day that is either discounted or free. You might have to do some research for this one, but in the end it will save you the entry fee. The places are public, so Christian teens don't have to worry much about temptations inherent in being alone, but you can have a pretty fun and romantic date together as you take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the culture surrounding you.

4. Do Something Athletic

Hiking, biking, playing ultimate Frisbee, etc. can all be great dates if you are both pretty active and athletic. Being active can be a lot of fun if you both enjoy it. If you know a few other athletic couples, you can even make it a pretty cheap group date.

5. Find a Prayer Meeting or Local Church Youth Group Event

Your church may not be hosting a unique speaker or having a prayer meeting this weekend, but you may know of another church that is. Look in your newspaper to see who is coming, and take your significant other. Most of these events are free or low-cost, and you get to enjoy one another while also getting closer to God.
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