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Christian Life


Are you a Christian teen looking for advice, deepening your faith, or learning more about how to apply your faith to your life? Here you'll find the information you need to grow in your Christian faith.
  1. Live Out Your Faith
  2. Devotionals
  3. What the Bible Says About...
  4. Relationships 101

Live Out Your Faith

Everyday life can sometimes pose challenges for the Christian teen. However, the Bible gives important advice on how to stay strong and live out your faith.


Devotionals are a great way to stay rooted in your faith. They allow you to understand the Bible better and spend some time with God on a daily basis.

What the Bible Says About...

You face so many issues on a daily basis, and since most of us don't have our Bible's memorized backward and forward, it can be a challenge to know how the issues are addressed in the Word. Understanding what the Bible does or doesn't say about your daily life can help keep you focused on living faithfully.

Relationships 101

Christian Teens face all kinds of relationships from friends to dating. God does not want us living in isolation, and it takes an open heart to allow people to get close. Still, relationships can be a difficult territory for teens to navigate with temptations from gossip to sex.

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