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7 Alternative Things You Can Fast


As a Christian teen, you may feel a call to fast. Many Christians try to emulate Jesus and others in the Bible who fasted when faced with important decisions or tasks. However, not all teenagers can fast food. It is not necessarily what item you give up,` but it is more about what that item means to you and how it reminds you to stay focused on the Lord. If something on this list doesn't fit for you, then do some searching to find something you can give up that is challenging to you. Here are some alternative items you can fast besides what you eat:


Most of us love to watch our favorite shows. However, sometimes TV can be a distraction. If you find television to be a challenge for you, then give up your favorite television shows.

Video Games

Like television, video games can be a great thing to fast. It may seem easy to many, but think about how many times each week you pick up that Wii or Xbox remote. That time can be your extra time to focus on God.

Weekends Out

If you are a total social butterfly, then maybe fasting one or both of your weekend nights out may be more of a sacrifice. You can spend that time in study and prayer, focusing on doing God's will or getting the direction you need from Him.

Cell Phone

Text messaging and talking on the phone are a big deal to many teens today. Fasting your time on the cell phone or giving up text messaging may be a challenge, but every time you think about texting someone, you'll definitely remind yourself to focus on God.

MySpace or Facebook

Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook take up a lot of time for many Christian teens. Taking a break from them may make you feel a little less social, but that time could be used to reach out to the Lord.

The Lunch Hour

Now, you don't have to fast what you eat to fast your lunch hour. Why not take your lunch away from the crowd and spend some time in prayer. If you have the opportunity to go off campus for lunch or have quiet places you can go, taking some lunches away from the group can keep you focused.

Secular Music

Not every Christian teen listens only to Christian music. If you are someone that loves mainstream rock or pop, then try turning the radio station to strictly Christian music or turning it off completely and spend time talking to God.
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