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A Prayer When Facing Temptation


Turning to God to say a prayer when facing temptation is one way to help ourselves overcome the things that seem great at the time, but we know we'll regret later. Overcoming temptation to sin is difficult enough on our own, but when we bring God into the picture, walking away from what we know isn't good for us becomes easier. Here is a simple prayer you can say when you're facing temptation:

Lord, thank you for all the wonderful things you have put in my life. Family, friends, a roof over my head, and food on my table. Thank you for the blessings you bestow on me every day. I am so grateful for all that you provide.

I try hard, Lord, not to stumble in my walk with you. Yet I find myself facing temptation is ways that lead me away from you. The temptation is strong. The desire is strong. Lord, please help me know the right way to turn. I know your Word on these things. I know that it would be so easy for me to give in and stumble yet again. But today I ask for your strength. Your guidance.

I cannot make my walk alone, Lord, and I know you are there to take my hand when I need you most. I know you are there to carry me when I cannot go on alone. I ask for that strength now, Lord. I ask for your will and your way. I ask for the strength you had in facing the Enemy in the desert.

Thank you, Lord, for being here for me when in my hour of need. In your holy name, I pray. Amen.

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