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This is your spot for Christian entertainment. You can find information and reviews on books, movies, television, music, and more. Want to know some famous Christians and how to relate to pop culture? It's all here.
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How Has Harry Potter Impacted Your Faith?
Share your opinions on the Harry Potter series from a Christian standpoint. How has the series impacted you?

Talking Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Douglas Gresham
An interview with Douglas Gresham who is not only the stepson of C.S. Lewis, but also the Executive Producer of the Chronicles of Narnia movies. He discusses translating the books to the silver screen and how the books speak to society today.

A Conversation with Devin Brown
An interview with Devin Brown, an engaging scholar on C.S. Lewis. He discusses everything from how he fell in love with the author and the Chronicles of Narnia series as well as why we all can't seem to put it down.

Should Christian Teens Be Reading "Twilight?"
Should Christian teens be reading the Twilight saga? Like many fantasy novels, the book series raises the question of whether or not the story demonstrates Christian values.

Christian Teens Book Review: Fruit of My Lipstick
Review of Christian teen novel, Fruit of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina

Christian Teens Book Review: It's All About Us
Review of Christian teen novel, It's All About Us by Shelley Adina

Christian Teens Review: High School Musical 2
A review of Disney's new movie "High School Musical 2."

Best Christian Radio Stations Live and On the Net
As a Christian teen you probably love your music. Today we are all attached to our iPods, listening to everything from our favorite tunes to top Christian podcasts. Still, there are times when you just like listening to what's on the radio - either to hear upcoming artists and new songs or just an inspiring word. Here are some popular Christian radio stations you can listen to on your radio or on your computer.

Magazines for Christian Teens
Are there magazines out there for Christian teens? While you may not be able to find these magazines at your local newsstand or grocery store, there are several Christian teen magazines available to inspire you, guide you through tough issues, or add a little fun to your day.

Great Movie Picks for Youth Group Events
Having a youth group outing but tormented over what movie to bring? Sometimes it is hard to know which movies are acceptable for youth group events. Here is a list of some great movies that most Christians find acceptable to show to Christian teens.

Should Christian Teens Be Reading "Harry Potter?"
Should Christian teens be reading the "Harry Potter" books? This question raises huge amounts of debate among Christian experts. Some equate the books with the fantasy novels written by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien while others believe that the books promote the occult through witchraft and spells. Let's take a closer look at some of the...

Books for Christians Teens: Reflecting on Harry Potter and Your Faith
"Harry Potter" remains a controversial point of discussion among Christians of all backgrounds. If you are looking to dig deeper into the themes of J.K. Rowling's popular series, you can take a closer look at the novels by reading some of these books that discuss the pros and cons of reading "Harry Potter."

Top 10 Podcasts for Christian Teens
Wish you could find good podcasts for your mp3 player? Well, there are a lot of Christian podcasts available, but which ones are the best for teens? Here is a list of the top 10 podcasts for Christian teens.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
Need help finding movies or television shows to watch? Christian Spotlight offers reviews on both. It not only reviews the quality of movies, but also highlights Christian themes.

Plugged In Online
Plugged in offers reviews and discussions about popular movies and TV shows from a Christian perspective.

Awesome Christian iPhone and iPad Apps
The iPhone and iPad have so many apps that can help enhance your faith and strengthen your Christian walk. From having the Bible at your fingertips to streaming your favorite Christian music, there are a ton of iPhone and iPad apps to choose from:

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