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Kelli Mahoney

Kelli Mahoney

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Kelli Mahoney is an experienced Christian Youth worker and published writer.


Kelli has been working with Christian Teens for almost as long as she has been a Christian. She started out at a leader with the Senior High Ministry at Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois and eventually worked at the Administrator for the NXT, or Senior High Ministry. Kelli also has significant experience working with troubled teens through her work in Juvenile Probation and mental health counseling.


Kelli got her first Bachelor Degree from Illinois State University in August 1993. She returned for a second Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Sciences, which she received in August 1994. She recently completed a Master's in Public Administration through the University of Illinois at Springfield's online program.

By Kelli Mahoney:

Are you a Christian teen? Are you the parent of a Christian Teen or a youth worker? Well, my goal for this site is to give you all the resources and advice you need whether it is your walk you are concerned about or you need advice about Christian and non-Christian friends. The Christian Teens site is about discovering more about faith, Christianity, and being an adolescent.

Christian teens will find that there is a lot of information about living out your faith at home, school, and in your social life.

Parents will find advice about raising Christian teens from behavior to encouraging your Christian teen in their faith.

Finally, youth workers will also find resources to help them in understanding Christian teens and activities that help them grow in their faith.


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