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Readers Respond: Share your Feelings about Halloween and What You Do on the Holiday

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What do you do on Halloween and why? Do you trick or treat, or have you found a an alternative?

about hallloween

Am from Africa and its not our custom. as Christians, we should not celebrate it. its scaring. Christians believe the dead are at peace so why wear the scary clothes and items? people look like evil spirits! I don't see any fun! Maybe dress like angels and preach the good news! Change the name also
—Guest veronica

Evangalising Alternative

This year some of my christian friends are dressing up as angels and ginving out sweets and chocolates (rather than asking for them) with insperational bible verses attached to each. They will also be singing christian worship songs.
—Guest Guest

Non-Halloween activity

At my church we offer a "Light Night" party for children ages 7 to 11 which gets them off of the streets on Halloween and into an environment were they can learn about God! It is succesful every year and has games, bible story, fancy dress etc. This may be something good to mention to the youth leader at your church.
—Guest Alex Tatchell

Non-halloween activity

We usually shut off all lights in and out - have a fire and watch a movie downstairs - this year it might be Toy Story 3 - then go out and get candy on sale after when it's all on sale - kids look so forward to our special time together and of course the candy (:
—Guest MaryLou

Haloween Activities

i usually put on a fun costume and trick or treat arround the neighborhood with my family...last year we wenr 'trunk or treating' at church :)
—Guest BelleHeart

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