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Readers Respond: What Do You Think About the Potter Phenomenon?

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Share your opinions on the Harry Potter series from a Christian standpoint. How has the series impacted you? What's your opinion on the Boy Wizard and his adventures? Share Your Thoughts

Harry Potter Hypnosis

To all that think there is any comparison with dark and light, you are completely deceived. Would Jesus have anything to do with any witchcraft? Satan comes as an angel of light. Ask any former witch - Harry Potter is pure demonic witchcraft, no matter how its packaged. You are inviting demons into your life when you choose Harry Potter or any darkness instead of light. I pray that any who are involved with Harry Potter run from it as fast as you can. Even witches won't give their children HP because of the real curses that the films and books pronounce over those watching/reading.
—Guest Karekat


harry potter is a blessing to the earth in my personal opinion. It can teach great moral values so really whats the problem with it. Yes it has magic but it also has good beating evil and how love can conquer all. Anybody who says HP is bad is wrong and I will literally go into a debate with you about it. If you want more info about my thought about it please look up my essay
—Guest Alianora


Ok,everyone's said their own opinion but i'd like to say this.Sincerely speaking i used to read harry potter and watch yhe movies too yeah it's fiction alright but in every falsehood there's an iota of truth.a lot of negativity borders around it ranging from obsession to it biblically wrong.if you still believe it causes no harm then read HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES.now whether the authors meant no harm or not is not paramount here but guarding our salvation and bringing others into the light of Christ are.let's do what the HOLY SPIRIT will not grieve about.yeah i had stopped reading potter's books and watching the movies long ago.i suggest you do the same
—Guest irus

Be careful.

I was a very big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies. I wasn't obsessive but had read all the books and watched the movies. At the time, I must admit, I was not listening to the Spirit of the Lord because I was too busy " flirting" with the world. I had been a born again, bible believing Christian most of my life but could justify watching movies glorifying witches and witch craft. I have heard from more than one source that there are even real spells used in the movies and books. Now, out of love I ask, what makes us think that we should take part in this? I'm as guilty as anyone else who enjoys these stories, but brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus this is wrong. We are called to be seperate from the world, and we also must be very aware that we are inviting demonic influence into our lives when we entertain ourselves with stories glorifying powers and healings that don't come from God. We must ask ourselves if they aren't of the Lord than who are they from?
—Guest Heather


I used to love Harry Potter. I was obsessed with it. It was my favorite, but I have had a feeling everytime I watched or read it. I finally started looking at it from a biblical point of view and realized it was wrong. I am trying to get rid of the influence in my life now. If everyone would please pray for me I would appreciate it.
—Guest Ashley

I love it!

I cannot remember a time when I was not a Christian and I first remember reading Harry Potter when I was eight. I thought it was fantastic! I agree with Michelle; I have never felt drawn to witchcraft in any way. Okay, so you hear the odd story about those who do, but they are incredibly uncommon. The books teach about love, and sacrifice, and good winning over evil - the same doctrines we have! JK Rowling has said she believes in God - how is this any different from the magic in CS Lewis's books, or JRR Tolkien's? Besides, there are two Bible verses within the book - "The last enemy that shall be defeated is death" and "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". In fact, Rowling herself said that the books were based around these two quotes. The magic is just fiction - but through this fiction Rowling has portrayed amazing themes and values.

The Sin Masked in Obsession

I know that some christians read Harry Potter books but little do they know, that thoagh the temptation is great, so is the consequense. I asked my mom why she was strict on me not reading those books, and here is the answer ladies and genlemen of Christ. The Harry Potter Books teach demonic things such as spells and potions of such. Do christians practice spells? No, they don't. It was actually learnt that children who read the Harry Potter series got into tiny seance groups and began chanting the spells. It was also documented that a girl was KILLED in one of those groups. If you have an obsession, pray to God before your time runs out and throw away those books. Good things cannot be wrought from bad things, christians.
—Guest Jackia

It's Fiction!

Honestly, people make way too big of a deal out of Harry Potter. They are very entertaining and well written books. There is nothing immoral being portrayed in the story. The seemingly huge issue that some Christians have about it is the witchcraft. While witchcraft is condemned in the bible, the Harry Potter series is FICTION, the books don't once give the message that the reader could ever perform magic. While I enjoy the books and movies, never once did I feel like I could perform magic or even want to have magical power. I have the discernment not to believe in fictional books but I am also able to enjoy them.
—Guest Michelle

Harry Potter

I believe that all this obsessing is borderline idolatry. Personal opinion, though. Now, here is a thought on if Christians should watch it or not... Witchcraft and sorcery are portrayed in the Harry Potter movies. They are Biblically abominations. The Bible says not to bring abominations into your home. (Deuteronomy 7:26) Another thought, I used ot love Harry Potter. I tried to watch it one day and felt so convicted. When we do things, we need to think "would we watch this with Jesus, who is God? Would we watch something portraying something Biblically unacceptable? We are called to be seperate and live in light, following after Jesus. Above all, when doing this, we must GUARD OUR HEARTS.
—Guest Jason O

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What Do You Think About the Potter Phenomenon?

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