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Youth Worker Center: Being an Effective Youth Leader

Christian teens need leadership, but even leaders need help in coping with teen issues. This is your spot to learn leadership skills, understanding teenagers, and find Christian activities.

Where to Find Youth Group Skits Online
Every youth group likes to inject a little life through drama, yet sometimes those scripts can be hard to find. Here are some resources for finding Christian youth group skits online.

Bible Games for Teens and Youth Groups
Sometimes we need more than just a game or an icebreaker. Sometimes we want games to have a lesson behind them. Here are some Bible games for teens or youth groups that can also teach us a bit about the Bible.

What Makes a Good Letter of Recommendation?
Students will sometimes ask their youth leaders or pastors to write them a letter of recommendation. Doing a general letter doesn't really help your students. Here are some things you can do to write a good letter of recommendation that may actually help your teen.

Fostering Responsible Youth Leaders
Teens learn responsibility from their leaders. Fostering responsible youth leaders is an important for a successful youth ministry.

Youth Worker Preparedness:
When you work with Christian teens things happen, and you need to be prepared for those little emergencies like boredom, cuts, bruises, spills, absent students, late students, and more. Here are some ideas for a youth worker "In Case of Emergency Kit" that can help any youth event go smoothly.

Books for Youth Worker Development and Growth
Do you feel a call to youth leadership but wonder how you can be an effective youth worker? Youth ministry requires commitment and a Christ-centered heart, but it also requires that you continue your own growth in being a good leader. Here are some books that offer inspiration and techniques to help you learn and grow.

Ways to Support Christian Teens During Exam Time
As a youth leader, you have seen the toll exams can take on teens. It is a time of great stress for them, so you will want to support them as much as possible. Here are six ways you can help decrease the stress of exams on the teens you care about.

Small Group Icebreaker Games
Icebreakers are a great way for small groups to get to know one another. If your discipleship teams need some introductions, here are some fun icebreakers to use to get to know one another.

5 Characteristics of an Effective Youth Worker
Whether youve had 10 years of youth leadership experience or are just getting started, its always good to know which areas of leadership are growth areas. Here are the five major characteristics of a great youth worker.

Youth Work
Youth Work has a number of resources from advocacy and issues to activities and fun ideas.

Youth Specialities
Youth Specialities is an all-inclusive site about leading Christian teens. You can find trainings, conventions, articles, and advice on the site.

Youth Worker.org
Youth Worker.org has a number of resources like activities you can do with your Christian teens and helpful advice to be an effective leader.

Signs of Ministry Burnout
Sometimes ministry can be hard and we forget that there are other things going on. Here are some signs of ministry burnout.

How to Avoid Ministry Burnout
Avoiding ministry burnout is an important part of making sure your not only your ministry stays healthy, but that you stay healthy, too.

How to Be a Good Mentor
There are specific characteristics of being a good mentor. Here are some ways you can be a good mentor to those you lead.

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