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Contemporary English Version (CEV)


The Translation:

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible is known for the simplicity of the language used. The contemporary language is often mistaken as paraphrasing, but it is a faithful translation of original manuscripts.

Some History :

This translation of the Bible was written after doing many interviews with children and people unfamiliar with the Bible. The reason for the interviews was so that the translation would be written in the way people speak. Work on the CEV began in 1984 with the goal being to put an accurate Bible translation in everyday language. Early drafts were sent for review to Bible experts, theologians, and educators spanning a variety of denominations.

What Sets It Apart:

The simple, everyday language used in the CEV is what sets this Bible apart from all others. It is written so that even those reading only at a grade school level or second language learners could understand scripture. It is written at a 4th grade reading level.


The Contemporary English Version was published in 1995 by the American Bible Society.
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