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Masters’ Commission: Going Deeper


The Hands On Discipleship Experience:

While other people go off to college, you may believe you are called to go deeper into your faith. Masters’ Commission may be just what you are looking for. Masters’ Commission is a hands-on discipleship program that “provides a balanced growth environment to develop and equip the whole person.” At Masters’ Commission your studies will be devoted to Godly disciplines so that you will find direction at any point in your life.

What Is Masters’ Commission?:

Each Masters’ Commission is a little different, but they all belong to the Masters’ Commission International Network. Programs run from 9 months to 2 years. The programs blend academics with leadership, outreach, and discipleship training. Some Masters’ Commission programs have affiliations with local colleges, so they are able to combine classes that provide some college credits or even an undergraduate degree. Still, the main focus of the programs is to prepare the individual to be a stronger Christian in the real world.

Where Can I Find a Master’s Commission?:

There are hundreds of Masters’ Commissions around the world. You can find one in almost every state (some states have several) and in several countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Austria, France, Ireland, Madrid, and more. Students will have to go through an application process, so you should first find a Master's Commission program that will work for you.
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