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School Stuff: High School, College, and Your Faith

When you’re in high school and college you face tough choices. Here you can find help in getting through your education while growing in your Christian faith. You can find information on Christian High Schools and Christian Colleges, as well as how to live out your faith in a high school and college setting.
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Back to School: What to Expect in College
Graduating from high school may not be the end of your education. Knowing what to expect in college can help you get through the tough first year away from home and move you into higher education.

Back to School: What to Expect Your Freshman Year of High School
Knowing what to expect your freshman year in high school can make your transition from Middle Schooler to High Schooler much easier.

Back to School: What to Expect Your Sophomore Year of High School
Now that you're not a freshman any more, there are all new things to expect in your sophomore year of high school. Here are some things you should know to prepare for 10th grade.

Back to School: What to Expect Your Junior Year of High School
Now that you're done being an underclassmen, there are all new things to expect your junior year in high school. In fact, this is one of the busiest year of school with a lot more pressure. Here are some things you should know about what to prepare for in 10th grade.

Back to School: What to Expect Your Senior Year of High School
Welcome to the end of your high school career. Knowing what to expect your senior year of high school can help you navigate your way through what is the most exciting year. Prepare to feel the bittersweet joy of 12th grade.

A Prayer at Exam Time
Prayer for when you need a little boost during exam time.

Exam Study Tips for Christian Teens
Whether you are about to take final exams, midterms, or the ACT, knowing those tests are looming in the future can be pretty stressful. Don't let the stress get to you. Here are nine surefire ways to make sure you are ready physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to take those exams.

Masters’ Commission: Going Deeper
For some graduates, college is the only choice. However, for others, Masters’ Commission allows them to go deeper into their faith and develop discipleship skills for a lifetime.

Chi Alpha Ministries: Meeting with Fellow Christians on Campus
Looking for a Christian group on your college campus? Why not check out your local Chi Alpha group? Learn a little about this student led fellowship group that helps students remain strong in their faith and reaches out to the community.

Elements of a Great College Admissions Essay
Writing the college admission essay can be one of the hardest parts of the college application process. You want to make sure your essay stands apart from the others while keeping a little of yourself in the writing.

How to Recruit for See You at the Pole
How do you get people to come to your SYATP event? Here are some ways you can recruit for See You at the Pole this year.

A Prayer to Ward Off Procrastination
When we feel ourselves slipping into a state of procrastination, it can be easy to give up and give in. Here is prayer you can say to ask God to intervene and ward off procrastination.

25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
There always seem to be an unlimited number of ways to procrastinate. Here are 25 ways to stop procrastination and get down to work.

Called to Ministry? 8 Things to Study Now

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