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What is the United Church of Christ's Position on Homosexuality?


Question: What is the United Church of Christ's Position on Homosexuality?
Many denominations have differing views on homosexuality. The United Church of Christ has its own views. There are even differing views among UCC groups. What are the views of the United Church of Christ about homosexuality?

The United Church of Christ is, by definition, congregational, thus the views of one church may not be forced or taken on by another church. Thus, many views vary among various congregations within the Church of Christ. David Roozen, the director for the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, has stated that the overall pronouncements and polices of the national church is often more liberal than what individual churches uphold.

The General Synod passed a resolution in 1985 that encouraged congregations to be open and affirming, meaning that the churches should be non-discriminating in areas of employment, volunteer efforts, and membership. In 2005 the General Synod encouraged congregations to adopt equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Several congregations allow for ordination of non-celibate homosexual clergy, but only 10 percent of UCC congregations actually have an official "Open and Affirming" statement.

There are a few congregations that oppose homosexual marriage, adopting a "Faithful and Welcoming" resolution that defines human sexuality as a God's gift to the heterosexual marriage. However, many more congregations have more of a "de facto" attitude toward homosexualty, meaning that they have no official position on homosexuality. Still, even among those churches, the degree of inclusion varies greatly.

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