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What is the Lutheran Church's Position on Homosexuality?


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Question: What is the Lutheran Church's Position on Homosexuality?
Many denominations have differing views on homosexuality. The Lutheran Church is no different. There are even differing views among Lutheran groups. What are the views of the Lutheran Church about homosexuality?

There is a clear difference between Evangelical Lutheran movements and traditional Lutheran churches. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is still in the process of developing a social statement directly related to homosexuality, yet they do call all Christians to respect all people, regardless of sexual orientation. The church will allow for the ordination of homosexuals to be ministers, but they are expected to abstain from homosexual sexual relationships.

Other Lutheran churches make a distinction between homosexual orientation and homosexual behavior. For instance, the Lutheran Church of Australia believes that sexual orientation is not controlled by the individual, but denies a genetic propensity. The church does not condemn nor judge homosexuality and claims the Bible is silent on homosexual orientation. Homosexuals are welcomed into the congregation.

Meanwhile the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has adopted the belief that homosexuality is contrary to Bible teaching, and encourages members to minister to homosexuals. Again, it does not state that homosexuality is a conscious choice, but still contends that homosexual behavior is sinful.

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