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Christian Teens and Homosexuality

What do Christian teens need to know about homosexuality? Is it a sin? What to different denominations believe about sexual preference? Are there ministries for homosexual teens? Are there ministries for Christian teens wishing to be delivered from homosexuality? Here are your resources regarding Christianity and homosexuality.

Can a Homosexual Be a Christian
There is a lot of different responses to the question, "Can a homosexual be a Christian," because there are several conflicting beliefs out there about homosexuality.

Does God Hate Homosexuals?
The topic of homosexuality brings up a lot of questions for Christian teens, one of which is, "Does God hate homosexuals?"

Praying to Come Out of Homosexuality
Every Christian denomination has different beliefs about homosexuality, and some believe that homosexuality is a behavior from which a Christian teen can be delivered. Yet, if you are of that belief, deliverance is not always easy. It can be discouraging to pray for deliverance and still have same-sex attractions. However, the struggle does not mean God is not listening.

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