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Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry: Student Venture


What is Student Venture?:

Student venture is the high school and junior high ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The national director is Chuck Klein. The ministry has been reaching out to teens since 1966. There are 1300 full-time staff, Student Venture affiliates, and local volunteers throughout the country.


The purpose os Student Venture is to make sure that every student at every campus has the opportunity to grow in character and know Christ.


Student Venture services 20 metropolitan locations and has over 100 affiliates nationally.

The Plan:

Student Venture has a plan - reach the campus, reach the world. The strategy is four-fold -
  • Student Venture Field Teams work with communities to win, build, and send students at local campuses.
  • The Coaching Center helps adults and students to reach teens and schools.
  • Student Venture Media Resources provides internet, video, radio, television, and print media to reach teenagers around the world.
  • Student Venture International Partnerships creates international teams to reach out to teenagers.

Student Conferences:

Student Venture has two conferences held at different locations throughout the school year. There is the winter conference that is held during the Christmas Break. Also, Summer Getaway conferences are already planned for several cities around the country. The two-day conferences include several activities such as prayer, sporting events, competitions, speakers, worship, discussion groups and more.

Missions Projects:

Student Ventures has International Projects, which are basically mission trips for students to reach people around the world. Most trips are scheduled during typical Spring Break or Summer periods and costs average between $2,500 to $3,000.

Resources Available:

Between the Coaching Corner and the Products available, Student Ventures has a lot of resources available for teens, parents, and youth workers. There are videos, books, and internet-based resources for anyone needing assistance. There are also local resources to help students connect with leaders and each other.
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