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10 Great Youth Group Outings

Activities Christian Teens Love to Do


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Christian teens love to do things with their youth group. While many youth group activities are focused on Bible study, outreach, missions, and many other Christian concepts, one of the things that many youth leaders forget is that Christian teens also need time for fellowship. A youth group should not just be a place where students come to learn about the Bible, but it should also be a place where they come to associate with other Christians.

Therefore, it is a good idea for youth groups to plan activities that go beyond the typical Sunday service. These youth group activities help to foster relationships between the students. They also allow students to invite their non-Christian friends to activities that are less-threatening to teens that are wary of organized religion. Here are some outings that most youth group kids find a lot of fun.

Amusement Park

If you live near an amusement park, it can be a lot of fun for your students. Christian teens are like all other teens in that they usually love the excitement of a roller coaster. Heading out to a place with thrill rides can require some coordination, but your students will love it. If you don't have an amusement park near you, maybe opt for a water park or local pool.

Laser Tag

Put teenagers in a darkened maze, hand them laser guns and vests, and just wait for the fun to ensue. Students love to participate in laser tag, and even leaders get into the competition and fun. Many laser tag companies offer special rates for groups and can offer your group exclusive use of the facility for special time periods.

Cosmic Bowling

Who doesn't like to bowl? While older leaders may remember simple bowling alleys where scores were kept by hand, new alleys have computerized scoring and even "cosmic bowling," where black lights, fun music, and neon balls make for a high-energy bowling experience. Most bowling alleys have a coordinator that works with groups to schedule a bowling outing that can includes reduced rates, food, and drinks.

Roller/Ice Skating

Skating is something most teens love to do. Even retro-skates are coming back into fashion. Many communities have access to a roller or ice skating rink. These rinks usually have a contact person that helps schedule and plan group activities. If you do not have a local rink, you can create your own outing in a local parking lot (for roller skating) or lake (for ice skating).


Like laser tag, paintball can be a fun group activity that fosters teamwork and friendly competition. Some areas have specialty paintball parks designed specifically for paintball activity. However, you can also design your own paintball area with boxes, hay, trees, etc. Just be sure to check with your church to see if there is paperwork required to cover any liability. Also, be sure all students bring equipment and appropriate safety gear.

Big City

If you live in a suburban or rural area a trip to the "Big City" can be a highlight activity for Christian teens. You can offer students a big map with places to see and shop. You can even design a scavenger hunt where teens use clues to find certain places or people. In order to keep students on schedule and prevent them from getting lost, you may want to set boundaries of exploration along with meeting places and times.

Mall Madness

What teenager doesn't like a trip to the mall? Sometimes a trip to a distant mall offers students a new experience. They can explore different stores and people. Like the trip to the city you can add fun activities like a scavenger hunt.


Depending on your preference, you can rent cabins for your students or camp the old fashioned way in tents. Just be sure you outline what equipment and supplies will be needed, then bring extras of your own in case students forget certain supplies. There are many camping grounds that offer to rent equipment, and there are also some that offer group meals and facilities.

Dinner and a Movie

Teenagers just love to hang out. Throw together some pizza and popcorn, put on a movie, and Christian teens will be satisfied to talk, eat, and watch. While the food may be the easy part, choosing a movie can pose a greater challenge. Try to choose a film that appeals to a wide range of teens. You can even use our list of top 12 movies for youth group activities.

Comedy Clubs

Everyone loves to laugh. A trip to a comedy club can be a great time that creates a large number of memories. There are several comedy clubs that cater to a young audience, keeping their routines clean. Check with the club to see if they host any events for youth groups or have comedians that avoid references to sex, drugs, or profanity.

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