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Tony Dungy - NFL Head Coach


Full Name:

Anthony Kevin Dungy

Date of Birth:

October 6, 1955 in Jackson, Michigan


Tony Dungy is married to Lauren Dungy. They have two daughters, Tiara and Jade, and three sons, Eric, Jordan, and the late James Dungy. Sadly, the 18-year old James Dungy committed suicide on December 22, 2005.


Tony Dungy is admittedly a devout Christian. At one point in his career he considered leaving football behind in order to focus on prison ministry. He is active in a number of community service organizations. He has been a public speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action. He also started a mentoring program called Mentors for Life. In Indianapolis he helped launch the Basket of Hope program and helps out with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis.

Growing Up With Sports:

Tony Dungy grew up in Jackson, Michigan. His parents were both teachers. He played quarterback for Parkside High School's football team and guard for the basketball team. He then went on to the University of Minnesota and played quarterback for the Golden Gophers.

Professional Career as a Player:

Tony Dungy began his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing backup safety. He played during what is known as the Steel Curtain dynasty, being promoted to a starting position during the Superbowl winning 1978 season. He led the team with six interceptions. Dungy was then traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 1979, where he played for one year, then being traded to the New York Giants in 1980. He then retired from the NFL after being cut during training camp.

Professional Career as a Coach:

  • 1980 - Assistant Coach - University of Michigan
  • 1981 - Assistant Coach - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1982 - Defensive Backfield Coach - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1984 - Defensive Coordinator - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1989 - Defensive Backs Coach - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 1992 - Defensive Coordinator - Minnesota Vikings
  • 1995 - Head Coach - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2002 - Head Coach - Indianapolis Colts


  • Coached the Indianapolis Colts to the 2006 AFC Championship.
  • He and friend, Lovie Smith (head coach of the Chicago Bears), are the first two African American head coaches to coach in the SuperBowl.


  • At University of Minnesota Dungy was the career leader in pass attempts, completions, touchdown passes, and passing yards.
  • Was 4th in career total offense in the Big Ten Conference.
  • Awarded University of Minnesota Football Most Valuable Player Award on two occasions.
  • Is the only NFL player since the AFL-NFL merger to intercept and throw a pass in one game.
  • Is the first NFL coach to defeat all 32 NFL teams.
  • Was the youngest assistant coach in NFL history (he was 28).
  • In his first year with Minnesota his defense was ranked #1 in the league that year.
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