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Top 10 Things Christian Teens Can Do on a Break from School


Not planning to take some big trip for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? Not to worry. A lot of Christian teens don't go on vacations during these breaks from school. Instead, here are some things you can do to make the most out of your Spring Break or Summer Vacation time:

1. Volunteer

Giving back to others can be the biggest reward, and Spring Break is a wonderful time to do that giving. If you are not headed to any special destination for your break, why not try to make it special by joining an outreach team or contacting someone to volunteer? Volunteer possibilities are endless.

2. Start a Devotional

Spend some time in the Word during your break. Head out to the bookstore and see if there is a new devotional that interests you. There are plenty of devotionals geared toward Christian teens, and this is a great time to get started on a new one.

3. Movie Marathon

Got a list of movies that you are just dying to see? Have some friends over and watch them one after another. Whether you want to watch the Lord of the Rings movies back to back or all the chick-flicks that make you cry, a movie marathon can be a fun time together.

4. Read a Book

If you are a reader, Spring Break and Summer Vacations are great times to catch up on your non-school reading. You have the free time to immerse yourself in your favorite authors' books. Head to the library or the bookstore to pick one up.

5. Try Something New

Got something that you wish you had time to try? For some Christian teens the "something new" can be an adventure like rock climbing or skiing. For others it could involve learning to sew or cook. Take the time this week to learn a new skill or try a new activity.

6. Just "Veg"

Many Christian teens are fairly busy people during the school year. Between school, school activities, homework, church, youth group activities, and more, a student's life can be pretty non-stop. Take an hour or two during your Spring Break to actually take a break. Spend some time relaxing.

7. Family Time

Spend some quality time with your family during your Spring Break. Again, many Christian teens get so busy that they are lucky to have time to eat a meal with their families. Try to fit in some time to relax and "hang out" with your family members.

8. Go Hunting

Is there something you've been wanting for a while and you just can't seem to find it? Or are you a vintage clothing or music lover? Think about something that you really enjoy and then go hunting for it. Spend some time heading out to vintage clothing stores, used booksellers, flea markets, etc. See if you can't find that ever-elusive thing on your mind.

9. Get Organized

When Christian teens get really busy, things tend to get a little disorganized. Spend some time on your Spring Break or Summer Vacation cleaning up and putting things in order. Take those files on your computer and put them into easy-to-find folders. Hang up your clothes and put things away. It may not sound like the most exciting activity, but you will be pretty proud of your organization when you are done.

10. Pray

Spring Break and Summer Vacation mean that you have more down time, meaning you have more time to devote to prayer. Are there some burning items you wish you could focus on more in your prayer times? Make a list of the things you wish you could spend more time praying about and devote some significant break time in prayer about those things.
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