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A Simple Prayer for Your Youth Leaders


Youth leaders put in a lot of time and effort into supporting and teaching Christian teens. It takes a special kind of person to effectively work with teenagers, and sometimes we forget how special those people are. They are there when teens are tired, weak, hurt, happy, and everything in between. Here is a simple prayer for those youth workers that give us so much:

Thank you, Lord, for putting my youth leaders into my life. They provide me with so much love and support, and I know that they make many sacrifices in order to be there for me. I ask you, Lord, to provide for them emotionally and physically so that they can continue to do your will in my life and the lives of the other students in the church. I ask you, Lord, to continue to put a burden on their heart for those that need them most and to direct their path so that your will is done. Let them know that they are loved and blessed. In Your Name, Amen.

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