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A Simple Traveler's Prayer

Letting God Guide You By Land, Sea, or Air


We all travel at some points in our lives, and a prayer for when we travel is important to be sure God knows we want His hand in our vacation, mission trip, or school field trip. We all know that there are important travel safety tips we can follow to protect ourselves away from home, but one of the most important is to pray for God to be with us.

Lord, thank you for your hand over this trip and allowing me to get away. I don't need to tell you that things may not be as safe as I, my parents, or loved ones would like, so I ask that you lay your protection over us on this trip. I ask that your will be done as we head out on our travels and away from home.

Please, Lord, direct my steps and provide me peace throughout this trip. Let those I encounter on my trip be blessed by my words that come from your. Let my hands be filled with your work, and my I be filled with your grace and kind words for others. May I be a light unto those around me as I go away from home.

Thank, you, Lord, for your blessings over these travels. In your Holy Name. Amen.

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