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What is God's Grace


God's Grace is something that comes upon us even though we may or may not deserve it. It is God's goodness shining through even the most difficult moments. God's grace is a blessing we receive from Him, and something we should never take for granted. It is something we should never take for granted, and something for which we should always be thankful. However, having an understanding of grace helps us grasp just how much God moves in our lives.

Gracefulness vs. Grace

There are graceful people and those living in God's grace. God can use people to provide his grace to others. Yet this grace is not necessarily the same as graceful people. There are those that carry themselves with the physical grace we usually associate with dancers. There are those with, though, that the grace God allows them to bestow come from within. They tend to elicit an idea that there's "just something about them" that provide comfort and a feeling of well-being to those around them. God does provide physical gracefulness, but when we talk about God's grace, it's more about the spiritual side of grace rather than the physical.

Blessings of Grace

When people think of God's grace, one type they consider are the blessings God provides for us in our everyday life. Think about all the good things you have...your friends, your family, a car, a house, food on your table. These are all part of God's grace. He doesn't need to provide you with those things, and sometimes we really don't deserve what we have, but God provides us with things out of grace.

God is also good about providing us with non-tangibles like strength and guidance. We all face difficult times in our lives. We all have moments when we need to make choices in our lives, and God doesn't need to tell us which way to turn. He doesn't need to help us stand up in the hardest times. But He does. By His grace we are able to stand, we are able to make good choices, and we are able to face any problem.

Redemptive Grace

Redemptive grace is what most people think of when we discuss God's grace, because it involves forgiveness. There is not one of us that is not a sinner. We all make bad choices from time to time. We all have our less-than-stellar moments in front of God, who sees all we do. In the moment we fall down, God provides His grace. Sure, we may face consequences for our sin, but often those consequences could be far, far worse than what we actually face. Think about how many times you've made a bad decision that could have resulted in awful consequences like grounding, pregnancy, jail, or death. Really think through all your choices and all the results that could have happened. God's grace often keeps us protected from the worst case scenario.

Being Thankful for Grace

God's grace should never be taken for granted. While we trust Him and ask for His grace in the dark times, we also need to remember to be grateful for what He has done for us. Remember, He provided the biggest bit of grace by saving us from sin. The sacrifice of His Son for our sin is the most significant demonstration of God's grace yet. Spending time in prayer to thank God for all the things He has done in our lives helps our relationship. Yet, even in forgetting at times to thank God for how He moves in our lives, He will continue to provide His grace no matter what.

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