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Foundations of Good Stewardship

Being a Good Steward Over Your Money


You work hard after school or over the summer, so learning good stewardship over your money is an important part of both your faith and your daily life. The Bible actually puts more emphasis on money than on love, which seems odd, but the love of money can be quite a corrupting emotion. Also, learning to manage your money well can help you be a more responsible Christian and adult.

In Luke 19:11-27, Jesus tells a parable of the 10 minas that describes ho important it is to be good stewards over our faith and our lives. Good stewardship is an important spiritual discipline, so here are some important ways to demonstrate strong Christian stewardship in your life:

Understand What You Have is God's

Good stewardship means that the things we have, including our money, are blessings from God. All the things we own belong to God. This means that we need to be responsible about the money we earn and how we use it. We should look at our possessions as a treasure God has provided, and we should understand the privilege of having such things.

Stewardship Means Using Your Treasure

If you have money and things, it means God is trusting you to use those things responsible. Being a good financial steward does not mean hiding your money away and never letting it see the light of day. It also doesn't mean spending it all. We have to use our relationship with God to see how we should use the money and possessions He has provided.

Giving Back to God

In order to use the money and things God has given, it is important that we give back to Him. Sure, you might put your money away for college one day, but you should makes sure we give back to God in ways that he expects. For some denominations giving back means tithing 10 percent of our income. For others it means giving what we can to the poor. Sometimes good stewardship means going through the things we own and giving them away to those who are in greater need.

Understand You Can't Take it With You

Sure, we need to put some money away for things in our future, like college. Yet, when our love of things or money come before our faith we can lose sight of what is important. Good stewardship means having balance between saving and giving, and it takes practice and discipline. We should always keep in mind that no matter how many computers, cars, iPods, shoes, purses, etc. that we have, when we are no longer here it will just be us and God. Just like we are reminded in 1 Tim 6:7, a good steward knows we really can't take it with us.

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