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Christian Life for Teens

Looking for answers about what it means to live your life as a Christian? Here you will find out what it means to be a Christian, finding a church, worship, and tools for your everyday Christian life.
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What is Bullying?
We're not all helpless when it comes to bullying. Here are some things you can do to prevent bullying.

What Teens Can Do to Prevent Bullying
We're not all helpless when it comes to bullying. Here are some things you can do to prevent bullying.

What it Means to Turn the Other Cheek
What did Jesus mean when he told us to turn the other cheek? Understanding what is behind the statement and how we can actually turn the other cheeks when we're hurt helps us be stronger and better examples of God to others.

14 Ways to Build Self-Confidence
What are some ways you can build self-confidence and maintain your Christian walk? Try some of these ideas to give your self-confidence a boost.

Spiritual Gift: Faith
What is the spiritual gift of faith, and how do you know if you have it?

Are you Confident or Cocky?
When we're told to be self-confident, how do we separate confidence in ourselves from becoming self-involved? Here is how to understand the difference.

15 Activities and Things to Do after the Prom

Why It's Important to Guard Your Heart
There are so many things that pull us away from our faith, and not guarding our hearts opens us up to all of them. Here is what you need to know about the importance of guarding our hearts and how to do it.

What are the Emotional Effects of Sin?
There are so many emotional effects of sin on each of us. In what ways does sin have an effect on our feelings and creep into our lives in a destructive way.

Where Can I Find Time for God?
Finding time for God isn't always our biggest priority. It's easy to let the little things in life get in the way of the most important thing in our lives - God. Here are some places you can insert God into your life on a regular basis.

Characteristics of a Godly Man
What does it mean to be a Godly man, and how can you make yourself into one starting now, while you're in high school? Here are some things that define being a Godly man.

Excuses Christians Use for Bad Behavior
Too often Christians use excuses for their bad behavior rather than admitting they were wrong. Here are some excuses heard far too often, and ones we should all try to avoid.

How to Choose Friends Wisely
We always talk about how important friends are, which makes knowing how to choose a good friend wisely an imperative in our lives.

What Can a Christian Do With Twitter?
How can Christians use Twitter? There are so many ways Christians can use Twitter to inspire others and evangelize to a broader community. For Christian teens, Twitter can be a tool to reach others outside of their social circle.

Why is Christian Fellowship So Important?
The importance of Christian fellowship should not be denied. When we come together we can demonstrate the strength and good qualities of God, we learn, we lift each other up. Fellowship is an important part of what we believe, and for good reason.

Coping with the Death of a Parent
It's hard to cope with the death of a parent, and there is no one right or wrong way to do it. However, there are some things you can do to try and work through the pain.

Examples of Friendship in the Bible
The Bible has a lot to say on friendship, and it also gives us many examples of how friends treat each other. These are people of the Bible that were friends and give us guidance on how we should treat one another.

Share a Prayer Request
Do you have something going on in your life that you need someone to pray for? If you have a prayer request, share them here so we can pray for one another.

An Interview with Candace Cameron Bure
In a conversation with Candace Cameron Bure, we discuss faith, family, body image, and what's coming up in her life and career.

Overcoming Disappointment
Overcoming disappointment is an important part of our Christian walk. Sometimes we need to learn that what we want isn't always what we should get.

8 Christian Environmental Organizations
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Share Your Funny Church Sign Photos
Share your funny church sign photos.

Internships for High School Students

While some think that internships are just for college students, there are a lot of opportunities for high school students to gain internship experience before college. Doing an internship while in high school can provide teens with the opportunity to learn more about what they want to do before college. Yet, by doing internships while in high school you can gain valuable work experience and…

How Christian Teens Can Show Tolerance and Be Faithful
What is tolerance, and why is it so important for Christian teens to understand why we need to have it and the danger it can become?

5 Ways to Save Money on Prom Costs
Prom is one of those things that always seems to take a big bite out of any Christian teen's pocketbook. Yet, there are plenty of ways to save money on Prom expenses like dresses and dinner. Here are 5 simple ways to save a little money on Prom so you can enjoy your evening rather than worry about how much it …

What Can Christians Do to Be Environmentally Friendly - Christian Tee…
There are multitudes of ways to be environmentally friendly. Share some of the ways you, as Christian teens, have been environmentally conscious.

10 Ways Christian Teens Can Be Environmentally Friendly
Just because you're a teenager doesn't mean you can't do something to help the environment. There are plenty of ways Christian teens can be environmentally friendly from reusing old books to walking to school. God asks us to take care of the Earth. Plus, many of the things you can do won't cost you much…

Why Going Green is Christian
Every Christian teen should learn about why "Going Green" is the Christian thing to do.

Tips for Getting Over a Breakup
Unfortunately, for most Christian teens, dating in high school and college means facing at least one breakup. How do you get over the heartache when the dating relationship is over?

Overcoming Doubt in Your Faith
At some point, each one of us faces questions about our faith. Here are some ways you can overcome that doubt.

7 Alternative Things You Can Fast

As a Christian teen, you may feel a call to fast. Many Christians try to emulate Jesus and others in the Bible who fasted when faced with important decisions or tasks. However, not all teenagers can fast food. It is not necessarily what item you give up,` but it is more about what that item means to you and how…

Why God's Love is Bigger than Our Mistakes
Every Christian teen makes mistakes. These 5 people in the Bible made some pretty big mistakes, and yet God still stood by them. What can they teach us about overcoming the mistakes we make in our lives?

7 Things Christian Teens Can Be Thankful For This Year
Every November Americans commemorate one day to give thanks for the special things in their lives. However, some Christian teens have a hard time finding things for which to be grateful. Others have a hard time because there are so many great things in their lives. Here are ten items for which almost all of us can be grateful for year round. Take some time this week to thank God for putting th…

What Type of Evangelist Are You?
Every Christian has a comfortable tone for discussing their faith with others. Some Christian teens are more confrontational while others are intellectuals. Still, even others are interpersonal. While there is no "one right way" to evangelize, you should still know your own witnessing style.

Principles of Evangelism for Christian Teens
While there is no one right way to spread the Gospel, there are five principles of witnessing that can help you share your faith in ways that will ease your anxiety and plant seeds of faith in others.

Christian Teens and Drinking
One of the biggest dilemmas facing Christian teens today is how to handle the pressure to drink alcohol. The issue of drinking continues to be debated among Christian denominations, yet that debate can create some confusion for Christian teens. Here are some facts, scripture, and truths about alcohol to help Christian teens to make Godly decisions.

Things Christian Teens Can Do on a Break from School
Not planning to take some big trip for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? Not to worry. A lot of Christian teens don't go on vacations during these breaks from school. Instead, here are some things you can do to make the most out of your Spring Break or Summer Vacation time.

Spring Break Temptations and What You Can Do to Avoid Them
Many typical Spring Break trips are promoted as trips with no rules and no boundaries, which poses some important questions and temptations for many Christian teens considering going with their friends on Spring Break. So, what are the temptations on Spring Break trips that Christian teens should be aware of before they head to these popular destinations and what are some alternatives for Christian teens?

Christian Teen Honesty Quiz: How Truthful are You?
How honest are you? Most Christian Teens think they are fairly truthful, so take this honesty quiz to see how truthful you really are.

4 Ways to Stay Strong in Your Christian Faith
God knows that sometimes Christians struggle in their faith. Sometimes devotions dont really seem like devotion, but "just another chore." Other times Christians wonder if God is even there. Here are some ways to keep your faith strong even when you feel a bit weak.

What's Your Gossip Quotient?
Are you a big gossip? Do you absolutely hate gossips? Take this gossip quiz to find out where you really stand on gossip.

Getting Down to the Basics of Your Faith
Let's get back to basics. What is the foundation of your faith? What should you know about your Christianity? This article will help you answer the question, "What makes me a Christian?"

Foundations of Good Stewardship
One of the most difficult spiritual disciplines is stewardship over our money. Here are some underlying concepts behind having good stewardship.

Halloween Opinions - Share your Christian Opinions on Halloween
Should Christians be celebrating Halloween? What do you do on October 31st? Share your opinion and what you do on this particular day each year.

Christian iPhone apps - Share Your Favorite Christian iPhone Apps
What Christian iPhone, iPad, or iPod apps do you recommend. Share your favorites.

My See You at the Pole Experience
Share your See You at the Pole experience and read about what other Christian teens got out of it.

10 Ways to Refresh Your Faith
As we grow as Christians we can sometimes get stuck in a routine, so we need ways to refresh our faith. It's easy to become complacent, but it doesn't always lead us down the right path. In fact, when we get more focused on the routine, we become less focused on God. Here are some ways you can add spice to your Christian walk so that your...

What are You Thankful For - Thankful
What things are you thankful for? Share your thoughts on what things are important and how God has blessed you in your life.

What is God's Grace
Understanding what is God's grace provides us with a stronger understanding of how He move sin our lives.

Prayers for Grief and Loss
When we lose a loved one, sometimes a prayer can do more to comfort than anything else. Whether you need the prayer for yourself or for a friend , saying a prayer for grief and loss can bring us closer to God.

What the Bible Says About Redemption
What does redemption mean? What are people referring to when they say we have been redeemed? Find out what God's sacrifice really means for us.

Spiritual Gifts: Wisdom
Do you have the spiritual gift of wisdom? There are certain characteristics that define this gift.

Spiritual Gift of Healing
Do you have the spiritual gift of healing? There are certain characteristics that define this gift.

Spiritual Gift of Knowledge
Do you have the spiritual gift of knowledge? There are certain characteristics that define this gift and make the gift of knowledge different from the gift of wisdom.

Spiritual Gifts: Miracles
Do you have the spiritual gift of miracles? There are certain characteristics that define this gift.

A Prayer When Facing Temptation
Here is a simple prayer you can say when you're facing temptation.

10 Ways to Show Compassion
There are many ways we can show compassion, as the Bible reminds us. Here are some ways to be compassionate to others in need.

What is Deliverance?

How God Develops Your Character
God develops our character in a number of ways. He's always working to help us be more Christ-like in our daily lives.

Bible Verses on Christian Character
When we talk about who we are as Christians, our character matters. There are many bible verses on character that discuss how God shapes us and offers advice on making our character more Christ-like.

How to Be a Courageous Christian
What does it mean to be a courageous Christian, and how can we all live our lives that way?

What is Repentance?
What is repentance and what does it mean to our faith and our lives? How can we be truly repentant as we go on our Christian walk?

How Do We Repent?
How do we repent? What is it that makes repenting so different from just asking for forgiveness?

How to Meditate
Some people find meditation helpful in getting closer to God. If you're not sure how to get started, here is some advice on how to meditate.

Sadness v. Depression
What's the difference between being sad and being depressed? There is actually a significant difference, and one requires more than just a bit of cheering up.

Is Science Fiction and Fantasy Christian?
Is Science Fiction and Fantasy something a Christian should be reading or watching? The answer may not be as simple as you think.

The Christian Imagination
Your imagination is an important part of your faith. Find out why the Christian imagination is essential to our daily walk.

Overcoming Guilt

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