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Keeping Christ in Christmas Traditions


As Christians we often go through the motions during the holidays instead of keeping Christ in Christmas traditions. We decorate a tree because it looks pretty. We go to Christmas services because they're there. We go look at Christmas lights or sing carols, but we often lose sight of why we're doing those things. So, how do we keep Christ in Christmas traditions?

Decorating the Tree

When most people think of Christmas, they think of a tree decorated to the hilt. However, how do you decorate a tree and still find a way to incorporate Christ in this Christmas tradition? Like most traditions we can talk about why we decorate. We also can decide, when we put the star or angel at the top of the tree, to say a prayer to remember why we commemorate Christmas Day. We can also be sure to always put a nativity scene under the tree to remind us of why we celebrate Christmas.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies isn't necessarily only a tradition in commercials. Many kids grow up making sugar cookies in all kinds of Christmas shapes. Often we make special cookies for Santa. So why not incorporate a cookie for the Baby Jesus? You can make it in the shape of animals in the manger, a cross, or just a simple cookie. Jesus will love it in any form.

Waiting for Santa

Yes, you may be a teenager and too old to wait for Santa, but what about your younger siblings or kids you babysit? They may be very excited about Santa coming. A great way to incorporate Christ into this Christmas tradition is to make sure that we all put less emphasis on the gifts Santa brings. Either develop the tradition that you have to make sure you give some gift to charity. A friend also had the idea to tell her children that the reason they get presents every year is that Jesus gets so many gifts, he can't possibly use them. So it becomes Santa's job to bring those gifts to all the kids around the world.

Watching Christmas Movies

There is no shortage of Christmas movies. To keep Christ in the Christmas tradition of watching Christmas movies is as simple as choosing movies with a Christian lesson. Sometimes those movies aren't blatantly Christian, but many Christmas movies have great moral lessons.

Going to Christmas Service

What can be a better way to keep Christ in Christmas traditions than to go to Christmas service right? Well, only if you're focused on the service itself. Sometimes we look at this service as just something we have to go through to get to the opening of presents or a fabulous Christmas dinner. Think about what's being said in the service. Think about the family that surrounds you. That service can mean more to keeping your faith in a holiday that is supposedly defined by it.

Reading Christmas Stories

Just like Christmas movies, there are a ton of Christmas stories out there. Yet why not start a tradition with your family to read the nativity story every Christmas. It's a great way to be sure your focus is on Christ as you go through the day.

Giving Christmas Presents

One way that we celebrate Christmas is to give one another gifts. Pretty much everyone knows that. But sometimes we can get really caught up in the gifts rather than why we're giving them. There are many twists to this Christmas tradition that allow you to keep your faith connected to it. Try telling each person to whom you give a gift just how you feel God has blessed your life through them. You can try giving only gifts that will enhance someone's faith.

Christmas Caroling

Singing Christmas songs door-to-door can be a lot of fun. Yet why not try to give a little back to others in order to keep Christ in this Christmas tradition? Take your caroling to a hospital or nursing home? Go to an area where people may not be as able to celebrate the holiday. Bring your cheer to those who may really need it, and even bring your prayers. After all Jesus came to us because we really need it.
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