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Thanksgiving Prayer


Every year we get together with family and friends to say thanks, and we usually say a Thanksgiving prayer at the dinner table before a meal. Saying grace is a time honored tradition to voice to God our gratitude for all He has given us. Here is a simple Thanksgiving prayer you can say on this holiday:

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us all together today. Though this one day every year we come to you in gratitude, we are grateful year-round for what you have provided for us. Each of us has been blessed by you this year in different ways, and for that we are grateful.

Lord, we are grateful for the food on our plates this holiday. When so many people are suffering, you provide for us a bounty. We are grateful for the fact that you have connected each of our lives in ways that honor you and show how much you love each of us. Thank you for the love you provide to us through one another.

And, we praise you Lord for all you have sacrificed for us through your son, Jesus Christ. You made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. We are grateful for your forgiveness when we sin. We are grateful for your kinds when we make mistakes. We are grateful for your strength when we need help getting back on our feet. You are there to provide a hand, a warmth, and so much more love than we deserve.

Lord, let us never forget how much we owe to you, and let us always be humble before you. Thank you for giving to us, keeping us safe. Thank you for providing and protecting. In Your holy name, Amen.

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