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Christian Holidays

From Easter and Christmas, there are a number of holidays that Christian teens celebrate. Here is some great information about holidays that Christian teens celebrate from great gift ideas to the origins of the holidays themselves.

Bible Verses for Easter
Here are some Easter Bible verses that remind us why we celebrate the holiday.

Easter Prayer
Here is an easy Easter prayer that you can say this holiday season.

Christmas Movies with Great Christian Lessons
There's nothing like watching Christmas movies during the holiday season. Yet, while we may only think of them as feel-good movies, there are actually plenty of Christian lessons found in almost every Christmas movie we watch.

Keeping Christ in Christmas Traditions
It's important that we keep Christ in Christmas traditions, because that's actually what Christmas Day is all about. While our world may have lost sight of the reason for celebrating, we must do what we can to keep Christ at the center of all the holiday traditions.

Alternative Halloween Activities for Christians
When Halloween rolls around, what is a Christian to do? The choices usually are stay home, join in the traditional festivities, or find an alternative Halloween activity. Here are some alternative Halloween activities for Christian teens.

Christian Halloween Costumes
If you celebrate Halloween, why not choose a Halloween costume that fits your faith?

What is Palm Sunday?
What is Palm Sunday, and how is it an important Eater holiday?

What is Ash Wednesday?
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Easter Calendar 2012
Do you know when Easter is this year? Take a look at the Easter calendar to plan ahead for all of the Easter Holy Days.

New Years' Bible Verses
There are a number of Bible verses to help take us into the New Year and beyond.

A Prayer for the New Year
It's always good to start the new year off with a prayer. Here is a simple prayer for the new year.

5 Valentine's Day Ideas for Single Teens
Valentine's Day can be tough for single teens. Why is it that Valentine's Day brings couples out of the woodwork? Suddenly all your friends are pairing up. People start talking about special dinners, flowers, and candy. It seems like red hearts and little Cupids are everywhere you go. Yet there are just as many teenagers without a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend the special day with. Here …

Christmas Prayer
Let us not forget why we celebrate the Christmas holiday by saying this simple Christmas prayer.

Bible Verses for Christmas
It's always good to remind ourselves what the Christmas season is really about by studying the Bible verses about Christmas. From the Nativity Story to predictions about the birth of Jesus…here are some Bible Verses that remind us that the reason for celebration is the Lord.

10 Spiritual New Year's Resolutions for Christian Teens
While it's a good idea to take a look at your spiritual walk throughout the year, January 1st is often a time of renewal for Christian teens. A New Year, a New Start. So, instead of setting regular resolutions like losing weight, getting better grades, etc., why not try to set goals to improve your relationship with God? Here are 10 ways Christian teens can do just that:

What is Advent?
Explanation of Advent and how it is celebrated and represented in the Church.

Santa Claus by Many Names
Where did Santa Claus come from? He actually comes in many forms throughout the world.

How Christmas Came to Be
Christmas as Christian teens know it today came about through an evolutionary process. Find out how we came to celebrate the Christmas we know today.

Important Dates for the Easter Holidays 2008
Do you know when Easter is this year? Take a look at the Easter calendar to plan ahead for all of the Easter Holy Days.

What is Lent?
What is Lent? Learn more about this Christian holiday that precedes Easter.

Halloween Symbols and Traditions for Christian Teens
Every wonder where all those Halloween customs originated? Why do people where costumes on Halloween? What's the deal with trick-or-treating? While some Christian teens choose not to celebrate Halloween ], they may be surprised to know that some of the celebrations we participate in today have their roots in Christianity...

Should Christian Teens Celebrate Halloween?
Should Christian teens celebrate Halloween? What does the Bible Say?

The History and Origin of Halloween for Christian Teens
Find our more about how Halloween began and its link to Christianity.

St. Patrick's Day Lessons for Christian Teens
While St. Patrick's Day is now associated mostly with "all things Irish," it is actually a celebrated by Christian people around the world. Most people think of St. Patrick's Day as celebrating in green and gold, wearing shamrocks, and eating corned beef and cabbage. Yet, for Christians there is a deeper meaning to St. Patrick's Day that Christian teens can learn about and practice.

Easter Basics for Christian Teens
Easter is one of the most popular Christian holidays, but it is far more than Easter egg hunts and a day to go to church. Read more about the traditions and significance of the Easter holiday season.

Why Do Some Christian Teens Not Celebrate Lent?
Why do some Christian teens not celebrate Lent? Here is a description of why denominations differ in their observance of this holy day.

The Origins of Easter Traditions and Symbols
Many Christian teens celebrate Easter each year with little thought to the origins of certain traditions. While some critics of Christianity point to the pagan origin of many Easter traditions, many have been made into purely Christian or benign celebrations.

Great Gifts for Mom
Trying to find a gift for mom? Whether it is Mothers' Day, her birthday, or you are looking for a "just because" gift for your mom, sorting through every option can be confusing for many Christian teens. Here are some great ideas to help you narrow your focus when you are trying to find a gift for mom.

Books for Dad
Whether it's Father's Day, a birthday, or "just because," finding a nice gift for Dad can be a challenge. There are actually several books that make great gifts for Christian teens to give their Dad's on those special occasions. Here are some recommendations that most Dad's will love

Thanksgiving Prayer
Here is a simple Thanksgiving prayer you can say on this day celebrating gratitude.

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