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Top Podcasts for Christian Teens


You probably know what podcasts are, and you probably have some playing regularly on your mp3 players. Yet, there are a lot of podcasts out there that pertain exclusively to Christian teens. Many of them can encourage you in your walk, make you laugh, and help answer your questions about Christianity. Here are some of the best podcasts available (all are available through iTunes and their websites):

StudentCAST – Your Student Ministry Podcast

If you want to listen to what the Bible says on different topics from balance, homosexuality, and internet social sites this podcast covers a range of topics balancing the world you live in with Bible scripture. It is not just a great resource for students, but also for youth workers and parents.

onething(TM) Podcast

A podcast brought to you by the International House of Prayer (IHOP), it covers everything from prayer to missions. There are also worship and interviews with people meant to inspire and help you grow in your faith.

We Need Help!

Entertaining with a purpose, We Need Help podcast discusses pop culture and current issues so that you can grow while presenting it all in a fun and laugh-out-loud kind of way.

NRT New Christian Music

Love Christian music? NRT’s podcasts are all about contemporary Christian music with interviews from some of your favorite artists from Jeremy Camp and Sonic Flood to the Newsboys. You can hear many new tracks from recent releases.


Looking at the headlines of these podcasts, you may question some of the topics. This is a Christian podcast? Yet when you start listening it’s all the word of God. Topics focus on issues like finding your passion, dealing with boredom at church, and more.

Student Bible Studies for Life Podcast

A combination of Bible studies and sermons, this podcast offers a life question and then looks closely at scripture to answer that question. The pocast takes real life situations and brings the Bible into focus.

Battle Cry for A Generation

Fun videos that are both entertaining and educational. There are videos about evolution, concerts, and what youth around the country are doing for their faith.

The Winkie Pratney Weekly Podcast by God’s iPod

Winkie Pratney is often called the world’s oldest teenager. A prolific youth speaker, this is an essential for your podcast collection. Winkie’s preaching has changed lives around the world, and you’ll laugh, cry, and walk away inspired from each podcast.

Catholic Rockers

A podcast devoted to contemporary Catholic rock music. They play a variety of music and even link to Spanish speaking podcasts and music. There’s also some informative conversation and information about different events.

RADIANT Magazine Podcast

While not necessarily the most blatant Christian podcast, once you get past the surface there are Christian messages to be had for the older female teen. It is a great resource for teens facing the next step of becoming an independent woman.
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