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Awesome Christian iPhone and iPad Apps


Christian Rock Music

Cost: $1.99
If you are looking for Christian rock to be streamed with no commercials to your iPhone, then this is one great app. It does require you to have a 3G Edge, or Wi-Fi network to stream the music. While it streams in a shuffle mode, it does allow you to skip songs.

The House FM/Praise 88.7/Christian Radio

Cost: FREE
This is the iPhone/iPad app from the Northern Oklahoma radio station KJTH. It streams the radio station that mostly plays contemporary Christian music. It features an HD-2 signal, and it is commercial free.

NRT Mobile Christian Music Database

Cost: FREE
If you like IMDB.com and wish there was one for your Christian bands, this is the application for you. This database lists information on your favorite Christian music artists, the music you love, and it even has over 57,000 lyrics for those tricky songs you just can figure out. There are reviews, news updates, and podcasts. This app does require a 3G, Edge, or WiFi connection.

K-Love Positive and Encouraging

Cost: FREE
K-Love is one of the most well loved Christian radio networks in the country. This app brings the station to your iPhone or iPad. It plays contemporary Christian music.

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