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Top 6 Magazines for Christian Teens


Are there magazines out there for Christian teens? While you may not be able to find these magazines at your local newsstand or grocery store, there are several Christian teen magazines available to inspire you, guide you through tough issues, or add a little fun to your day.

1. Breakaway Magazine

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Like Brio, Focus on the Family gave up on this magazine, too. However, Kor Ministries is working on bringing back the magazine for Christian Teen guys. It is a popular e-zine on the web, and articles still range from how to cope with peer pressure, sports, music, and dealing with girls.

2. Susie Mag

Susie Shellenberger, who created the original BRIO Magazine, now has a new magazine for Christian teen girls named Susie Mag. It still has 40 pages, and still comes out in print. Most importantly, though, it still has the same relevant content that BRIO once did, giving teen girls useful advice about their daily lives and spiritual walk.

3. STV Magazine

Published 9 times per year, STV Magazine is a ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is designed to inspire Christian teen athletes to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

4. Street Brand Magazine

Relaunched in August 2009, this Christian teens' magazine is published three times per year. It's main focus is on music, entertainment, relationship, lifestyle, and more. It definitely has a modern feel by looking at a Christian's daily life in a media-driven world.

5. Risen Magazine

Now an e-zine, this magazine is for the edgier crowd. It carries the voice of your generation and covers everything from sports to music to lifestyles. Some articles have more of a spiritual feel than others, but there is always an underlying faith even to the lightest of questions.

6. CCM Magazine

A lot of Christian teens are really into music. Chock full of artist interviews, music reviews, and how music influences our faith, [i]CCM[/i] is the must-have magazine for the music buff.

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