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Top 6 Sites for Finding Scholarships and Grants


While getting your college acceptance letters can be an exciting time, the joy can wear off you realize you have to actually pay for that education. While there are several places you can find money for college, many Christian teens opt first to seek out scholarships and grants that do not need to be paid back upon graduation. While there are hundreds of scholarship sites available to help you on your search, here are the top sites for Christian teens seeking to pay for their education:

1. Christian College Guide

Christian College Guide helps you to find scholarships and grants to help you pay for college. There is also a separation between scholarships and grants to narrow down your focus. Plus, if you are trying to decide on one college or the other, there is a "total costs search" that can offer Christian teens a list of Christian colleges within their price range.

2. Christian College Mentor

Christian College Mentor offers a general scholarship search and also a more specialized scholarship matching "wizard." The two options allow you to search by keyword or by offering some personal information.

3. FastWeb.com

FastWeb boasts that it has 1.3 million scholarships available for students. The site has a list of local, national, and even college-specific scholarships for Christian teens to find more funding.

4. FinAid.org

While some Christian teens may just be looking for scholarships, FinAid.org also helps students find loans and military aid. The site offers Christian teens insight into various ways to find money for college.

5. Scholarships.com

Scholarships.com has scholarships from over 3,000 sources. The site helps match scholarships to you based upon your academics, interests, and more. The site also offers Christian teens the option to receive e-mail updates on new scholarships available or approaching deadlines.

6. CollegeNET

CollegeNET offers Christian teens a database of scholarships and grants available, including scholarships that focus on their religious affiliation. Plus, the discussion boards provide students a place to talk to one another about school, faith, and the world around them.
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