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Fellowship of Christian Athletes


What is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes?:

Some people have heard of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and many schools have an FCA ministry reaching out to their campuses. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes offers students the opportunity to not only share their faith, but also gain important values that take them beyond the sports competition. The organization reaches out to players and coaches to develop a standard by what God expects rather than what the world itself expects. The results are athletes and teachers that are spreading the gospel, demonstrating responsibility, and being people God would be proud of.


FCA was founded in 1954 by Don McClanen. McClanen was a student at Oklahoma State University when he believed that athletes were given a special platform that they could use to influence the student culture in a unique and powerful way. In 1956 the Fellowship of Christian Athletes held their first camp in Estes Park, CO, and ten years later FCA Huddles were born.


46,000 coaches and athletes, 7,100 campuses worldwide.

Mission & Values:

The mission of FCA is "to combine people's passion for sports with their passion for Christ, and teach them that those two worlds don't have to be separate." The values of the organization include: integrity, serving, teamwork, excellence. In order to achieve the mission while maintaining the values, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes focuses on the 4 C's: coaches, camp, campus, and community.

Coaches Outreach:

FCA reaches out to coaches by offering Bible studies, mentoring, prayer support, networking, programs for spouses, along with national conventions and retreats. The R12Coach.com program is a discipleship process designed to educate coaches.

Campus Ministry:

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Campus Ministry has several dimensions so that athletes can be effective disciples whether they are in middle school, high school, or college. The goal of the Campus 101 program is to train, equip, connect, and grow Christian athletes on their campuses. The Campus Ministry uses huddles (student gatherings), bible studies for students and coaches, and chaplain programs to engage students. it also has the Fields of Faith MInistry program, which is a peer-to-peer ministry event to challenge students.

Camp Ministry:

FCA offers a number of different camps for students at all different levels. There are sports camps, leadership camps, coaches camps, as well as team camps, and more. Coaches, volunteers, and families are welcome, as well as any student-athletes.


The Community Ministry of FCA has the goal of taking the ministry out of the school and reaching out to the community. There are various ministries including ones focusing on stewardship, membership, urban initiatives, clinics, and more.

Sport Specific:

There are a number of sports, but some athletes and coaches have a particular passion for one specific athletic activity. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has developed a Sport-Specific Ministry for those involved in Baseball, Cheerleading, Golf, and more to serve athletes in those particular areas.
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