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Common Christian Questions: Why Doesn't God Just Fix Everything?


One common Christian question, especially among new believers or non-believers, is why doesn't God just fix everything when there appears to be so much wrong in our world? We talk about how God is all-powerful, all-knowing. We talk about moving mountains and all the miracles of the Bible. So, if God can do anything, why doesn't' he just fix everything that is wrong with the world? Why doesn't he just heal the sick, feed the poor, create world peace? Well the answer is both simple and complex…just like God.

It's Not Always About Us

When people ask the common Christian question of why doesn't God fix everything, they are usually in some sort of dark place themselves. Usually something is happening in their lives, or in the lives of someone they know, that just doesn't seem right. And the idea that God can be the quick fix sounds appealing. Yet, fixing things isn't always about us. After all, Paul had a condition that he described as a thorn in his side. it never went away. It was there through his entire life, and no matter how much he prayed and asked for it to be removed, it stayed.

Sometimes God doesn't fix everything, because there are lessons to be learned from whatever is wrong around us. That sounds terrible, really, but if we think about how we've come out of other troubles, sometimes the lessons are profound. Sometimes the lessons aren't even for us. Sometimes the lessons are for others, or the goal is to allow another person to live up to their Godly purpose. We don't know God's plans, and we don't know God's timing. So sometimes we just need to look to God for comfort and mercy in tough times.

Some Things Don't Want to Be Fixed

God may not just fix everything, because some things don't want to be fixed. Mostly this applies to people. A lot of people out there don't believe in God. They aren't Christians, and they may never be Christians. Sometimes their hearts are so hardened that they do not understand faith as we do. Some of these people have no desire to allow God into their lives to fix what is wrong. They push him away.

In other circumstances, God may hold off on fixing a problem in order to allow someone to soften their hearts and become open to God. Sometimes God will wait to move in order for a person to realize He's been there all the time. It's hard to explain this one to people who want to see God work miracles to prove He exists. God isn't in the business of proving Himself. We have to want God to intervene out of love, not out of demands of proof.

Sometimes We Miss the Tools

Even as Christians we can miss the things God provides. Sometimes we get so caught up in asking God to fix everything that we miss the tools he provides to us. We'd all love for our problem to be solved by some grand miracle like the parting of the Red Sea or the feeding of the 5,000. Yet, most of the time God doesn't work that way. Most of the time God provides small opportunities or people to do His work in our lives. We can easily forget that God provides us with all that we need. We just get too clouded to see how He has worked in our lives.

It's Still About Free Will

Allowing God to fix everything still comes down to our free will. We sometimes minimize this important aspect of God. He wants us to come to Him. He wants us to want Him. God understands that true love and respect is something offered, not something forced. We need to decide to ask God for assistance, and the choice to accept the help is ours. Even as Christians we can be stubborn in our quest to fix things on our own. It is our choices that sometimes determine how a problem ends up fixed.

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