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Becoming a Christian

Are you a new Christian or thinking about becoming a Christian? In this section you will find resources about how to become a Christian, living the Christian life, and tools for building and remaining strong in your faith.
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What Does "Blood of Christ" Mean?
What do Christians mean when they talk about the Blood of Christ? While it may not sound like the most wonderful thing, it really takes on a beautiful meaning when we look at it's significance to our faith.

How to Become a Christian
How to become a Christian. Want to know more about what Christians believe? Ready to take that leap of faith and become a Christian? This article will explain the basics of Christian faith and tell you how to take the first step in following Christ.

A Simple Salvation Prayer
When we become a Christian, we often say a salvation prayer to express to God that we desire to accept Jesus and begin our lives in a new way. Here is what make up the salvation prayer and a simple one you can say to get you started.

Common Christian Questions: Why Should I Choose to Become a Christian?
Why you chose to become a Christian is a common Christian question, and one that has a number of great answers for both the believer and the non-Christian. How we answer than question, though, can have implications for ourselves and others. Here are some reasons each of us made that choice.

Common Christian Questions: Why Doesn't God Just Fix Everything?
Why doesn't God fix everything that's bad in the world? After all, He could easily bring about world peace in an instant. This common Christian question is one that everyone asks at some point, and the answer isn't always simple.

Common Christian Questions: Why are So Many Christians Hypocrites?
People often criticize Christianity by saying it's too hypocritical. They can cite church leader after leader that has preached one thing and then done another. They say we judge when we make the same mistakes. Yet more often than not, there are a few things we can do to overcome this condemnation of us all.

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