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Overcoming Prom Temptations

How to Enjoy Your Prom within Your Faith


Many students avoid their proms due to the prom temptations that abound. It starts with an over-emphasis on appearance and can end with the temptations to drink, do drugs, and have sex. We've all seen the prom movies and heard the prom stories. While most people have a great time at their prom, you should do what you can to make the dance fun but also continue to live your life in a Christian way.

Heard of the Bridezilla? Don't Be a Promzilla!

The emphasis on what to wear to the prom isn't just a girl thing. Appearance becomes important for this one dance. Boys also can become just as focused on finding the right tux or suit to wear to the prom. The prom is usually the dressiest of dances in high school, and Hollywood-chic is in. However, we still need to be focused on modesty. We still need to be cognizant that others are watching us as we exemplify Christ in how we behave. We need to be careful that what we wear sets the right example. You don't have to button up or wear a muumuu, but some modesty is in order.

Also, we can get somewhat focused on the night being perfect. Did you get the right limo? What about the corsage? Is the dinner place good enough? The point of Prom is fun. It's a celebration. When we start to focus too much on the things that go along with it, we lose sight of the fun. Everything suddenly gets out of perspective, and the planning no longer becomes enjoyable. Instead it makes us lose focus on the important things in our lives and we can become consumed by something we just can't take with us later. We have to remember what's really important in life. While it's okay to want things to go well, remember that the world will not end if that blue is a half a shade darker than you thought.

Keeping Things Safe and Clean

The prom night itself is chock full of temptations. We've all seen and heard the stories of people "spiking the punch." We've been warned a number of times about underage drinking and driving, and yet it still seems to happen. Prom night is also notorious for teens having sex. None of these stories are fictional, it happens, but as Christians we're asked to be above all the temptations. How, with all the peer pressure and normality of it all, do we rise above it?

First, we have to surround ourselves with the right people that night. How well do you know your date? Is that person a Christian? Have you talked about the prom night and what that means for you both? Some people might think it's too embarrassing, but communication with your date about what you believe and what your boundaries are is important. This way no one expects that the night will end up differently than the other.

It's not just about choosing the right date, but also choosing the right friends to go with to the prom. The group you choose means a lot. There is a reason Christians tend to hang out with other Christians, and it's that believers tend to support one another and help one another avoid temptations. It's accountability. So, choosing a group that plans on handling the prom the same way as you will be extremely helpful at overcoming prom temptations.

Finally, learn to avoid bad situations. If you're tempted to drink, avoid the party with alcohol. If you're tempted to have sex, why go off with your date alone? Understand how to make good decisions that night. Think all the possible bad situations through and what you're plan will be if you find yourself in one.

Have a Plan of Escape

There is always the idea that nothing bad will happen, but sometimes it does. Sometimes the bad is as simple as spilling something on the rented tux, while sometimes it is far worse (rape, DUI, and more). When you find yourself in a bad situation what will you do? Who will you call? Make sure you have your cell phone with you. Ask a parent, friend, youth leader to be available that night if something goes wrong. Knowing you have someone not at the prom to lean on in your time of need is helpful. If you need to walk away from prom temptations, knowing someone can come pick you up or talk you out of it can help.

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