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How to Make Good Decisions

Steps for Making Good Choices in Your Life


Making good decisions is not easy, and it takes a lot of practice. For some people it doesn't come naturally, and we can all use some help. Here are some simple steps to making good decisions so that your choices in life work to make you a stronger person and better Christian:

Think about the options you have.

When you want a certain outcome, you have to think of all the ways you can get to that particular result. Often there are many paths to a specific outcome, so think about the ways you can get there. Making a good decision means knowing that not all paths are altogether conventional, and sometimes creative thinking can get you pretty far. This step also means taking yourself out of your limited box, getting rid of any assumptions and biases you have and looking at the full picture.

Think about how each of those options can turn out.

When you look at all the options, think about all the possibilities in those options. If you choose to take "Action A" what can happen - good, bad, weird, etc. This means thinking about all the circumstances that can come into play. A good decision is one that has thought out all the possible circumstances. Yet, don't slave and torture yourself in this step. Make sure you also try to keep things clear and simple.

Weigh how God looks at each of those options.

It is easy for us to rely on our own minds and gut to make a good decision, but sometimes our brain doesn't always go straight to what God thinks. Take your options and look at them with a Biblical eye. If an option seems nice, but doesn't follow Biblical principle, you may want to reconsider using that action. It also helps to spend time in prayer when considering your options. Sometimes the Bible doesn't give us a clear path, but God will speak to us through prayer and meditation.

Choose a path.

Here is the hard part. Making a good decision actually means making an actual choice. It can be very difficult and stressful to know that we might make the wrong decision, even after all the planning. Yet, we've weighed the options, we've talked to God. This means we will make the best decision with the information we have.

After a while, revisit your choice.

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. We all do it. Sometimes, even our best efforts have results we didn't think could happen. This is why it is good to go back over our choices and make sure we made a good decision. It is part of the learning process. Even if everything went well, revisiting our choices allows us to learn why this was a good decision so we can apply the principles and ideas to our other decisions.

In the end, we all learn that practice makes perfect. The more we apply these principles to our choices, the better we get at making good decisions, and the faster it happens. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but after some practice, the process will be completely effortless.

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