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How to Ask for God's Grace


Sometimes people wonder how to ask for God's grace, but the first thing they need to realize is that God's grace doesn't necessarily require asking. There are plenty of bible verses that remind us how God bestows His grace upon us without us uttering a single pleading word. Still, it never hurts to ask for His grace for ourselves or other people.

Know Where You're at in Your Faith

Do you need God's grace? Where are you at in your Christian walk? The first thing to do when you want to ask for God's grace is to take a quick assessment of your faith. Looking at how well you've been following His word and living in faith can help you identify the areas where you really need God's grace. God doesn't just bestow his grace on those living perfectly. In face, grace is needed far more when we're not living right.

Figure Out Why the Grace is Needed

So, you've done your assessment of your own faith walk, and now you've seen where you need His grace. We have to look at ourselves honestly and with open eyes to identify where we need God the most. His grace can come in many forms, and even if we don't see what we need clearly, God does.

When it comes to others, we often see what's needed and end up unsure of what to do. God will provide when we need it. He will provide his grace to those around us. Yet it can mean a lot when we see others struggling and know that God will come into their lives just as He would come into ours, whether they are believers or not.

Get Open

The other key to asking for God's grace is to be open to it. God provides grace whether we're open to it or not, but it helps if we're open to it. When we accept what God is trying to do, we make it easier for God to do His work in our lives. We know when He is speaking to us about making good decisions. We allow people to come into our lives to provide for us. We understand His forgiveness for our sins, and we accept it.

When it comes to asking for others to be provided God's grace, we also need to have an openness. We need to see when we're the ones God asks to provide something for our friends and family. We need to help them to be open to God's provisions. Being able to see God moving allows us to grow closer to Him.

Stop and Pray

Prayer is the best way to ask for God's grace. Yes, we know He will provide His grace even without asking. We know that we live in His grace every day, and sometimes we aren't even aware when he is protecting us, guiding us, or giving us strength. It's easy to take God for granted. Yet, we develop a closer relationship with God through prayer. We become closer to Him and grow in our understanding of His will and His desires.

Intercessory prayer is also a way of asking God to provide for those around us. We ask for His grace to be given to those we know are sinning. We ask Him to protect our friends and loved ones. The conversations we have with God just allow Him to work in our lives better.

Have the Right Expectations

Finally, we have to temper our expectations of God. Yes, we all know that He can move mountains if we believe. But is that what we really need? Often we have these expectations of grandiose miracles, when sometimes all we need are little ones. We get so caught up in the Big Idea that we miss what's really happening. We cannot dictate how God acts in our lives, but instead we need to be open to anything. God will act in His way, in His time. We just need to open up our spirit to Him.

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