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Prayers for Every Situation

We all talk about prayer and doing prayers, but sometimes we just lack the words to say. Here are some prayers to help us find the words to bring to God, no matter what situation we face.

A Prayer for Patience
When we're struggling, it's always good to say a prayer for patience. It's sometimes the hardest thing to practice, but when we rely on God, patience comes easier.

Forgiveness Prayers
Prayers for forgiveness come in many forms. Whether we were harmed, we hurt God, or we hurt someone else, forgiveness is something we can always talk to God about.

A Prayer for the Graduate
Saying a prayer for the graduate is a wonderful gift you can give. Here is a simple prayer for the graduate that can get you started.

A Prayer for Graduation
Need a graduation prayer for yourself as you face the big day and the life that comes after high school? Here is a simple graduation prayer to get you start

A Simple Traveler's Prayer
A prayer is an essential part of your travels. Here is a traveler's prayer you can use before you head out on your vacation, mission trip, school field trip, and more.

Prayer for Stressful Times
Prayers for those times when you feel really stressed.

A Prayer to Honor Your Mom
It is important for Christian teens to pray for their moms, in both good times and bad. Here is a simple prayer you can pray to bless your mom.

A Simple Prayer for Your Youth Leaders
A simple prayer you can say for your youth leaders.

Praying for Your Troops
Some Christian teens have a hard time finding the right words to say in prayer for our troops. Here is a suggested prayer you can say for those serving in the military.

Understanding Intercessory Prayer
Christian teens may have heard the term "intercessory prayer," but they may not necessarily understand what "intercessory prayer" actually means. Jesus prayed an intercessory prayer for all mankind, and often Christian teens are asked to follow suit. Thus, it is important to understand intercessory prayer.

A Prayer of Gratitude
One of the things we often forget to do is say a prayer of gratitude when we are blessed by others or by God. Here is a simple prayer of gratitude that can get you started.

A Prayer of Hope
We all have dreams, and it is important to share them with God. Here is a simple prayer of hope you can use to get your started.

A Prayer for Our Teachers
Teachers are such an important part of any students life. Saying a prayer for your teachers can offer them so many blessings from God.

A Prayer When Facing Temptation
Here is a simple prayer you can say when you're facing temptation.

Prayers for Grief and Loss
When we lose a loved one, sometimes a prayer can do more to comfort than anything else. Whether you need the prayer for yourself or for a friend , saying a prayer for grief and loss can bring us closer to God.

Prayer for Your Country
A prayer for your country may not be something you do every day, but it is something Christians should be doing regularly. Here is a short prayer that you can use when you want to pray for the place you live.

Prayers for Suicidal Teens
Whether you feel suicidal or someone you know is thinking of suicide, here are some prayers to ask God to intervene.

Prayer for the Underprivleged and Poor
There are so many people that have less than us. We can give in so many ways, and prayer is one of them. Here is a prayer for the underprivileged and poor.

A Prayer for God's Grace
Sometimes we may just lack the words to say when we need to pray for God's grace. Here are some sample prayers for grace that you can say whether you need it for you or someone you know.

A Prayer When You Need to Turn the Other Cheek
When someone hurts you, the first desire is often to retaliate. However, God asks us to do something different. Here is a prayer to help you turn the other cheek, even when you don't want to.

A Prayer to Battle Lust
Everyone seems to struggle with lust at some point in his or her life. Here is a prayer to battle lust when you need God's help.

A Prayer to Remain Abstinent
Sex is a big deal in our lives, and not having sex is sometimes a struggle. Here is a prayer for abstinence when it becomes tough.

A Prayer to Be More Compassionate
At times we need a little help feeling compassion for others. Here is a prayer for compassion to ask God to give us a open heart when it comes to other people in need.

A Prayer for Deliverance

A Prayer for Your Church
Just like people need our prayers, so do our churches. Here is a simple prayer you can say for your church.

A Prayer to Overcome Hate
A prayer to overcome hatred can bring God in to help free us from a binding emotion.

A Prayer for Your Sister
Need some help saying a prayer for your sister? Here is a simple one to get you started.

A Prayer for Your Brother

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