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The Bible and Suicide

Kelli Mahoney

    Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study

    10 Weekly Lessons for Growing the Fruits of the Spirit in Your Christian Teen Walk

    "Fruit of the Spirit" Devotions offers 10 weekly lessons that help Christian teens learn what the Fruits of the Spirits are and how growing in those qualities can bring you closer to God.

    Each day we'll explore a different spiritual Fruit. You'll get a study scripture passage to help you keep your focus on that particular fruit for the week. You'll also be able to learn from a particular character of the Bible and how to apply the biblical principle to your own life. Also, you'll have a particular prayer focus for the week to help you grow in your faith and foster that fruit.

    Topics include:

    • What are the Fruits of the Spirit?
    • Take the Fruit of the Spirit Quiz...Which One is Your Strongest?
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Patience
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Joy
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Peace
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Love
    • Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

    Sign up below and the first lesson will be sent to your e-mail box very soon. You will get one lesson sent each week for you to read and pray about. You'll have the week to apply the lessons to your life, and, by growing closer to God through your study, you'll find yourself growing in your faith and bearing fruit in areas you never thought possible!

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