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Kelli Mahoney

Standing Up For Your Beliefs

By June 20, 2009

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Sometimes I find it hard to write about certain things, and today is one of those days. I have sat in front of the news reports all morning, and so far I have seen young people beaten, shot, and killed. I have seen more violence in the past few days than in a long time, and while these are horrific sights, I wonder if I would have the courage of these young people to stand up in the face of oppression to voice my beliefs.

Where is all this happening? Iran. I've been watching video on the news shows, reports on internet news sites, as well as YouTube. I've followed the Twitter feed. These are people your own age in the streets protesting election results. Yet, they aren't just protesting election results, but also showing a change in the way they view the world. They are now demonstrating for a freedom of choice.

Why is this so important to Christian teens? We talk often about voicing our faith. We preach about evangelism. We head to church every day, blog about God, and stand at a flagpole every September in prayer for SYATP. We are able to demonstrate our faith freely, and we need to thank God for that ability. We need to praise Him for our freedoms.

Yet, too many of us are afraid to stand up and voice our beliefs. Too many of us worry about our friends being critical and not understanding. Yet, here are people in their late teens and early twenties standing up for freedom. Risking their lives to share their voices with the world. Their homes are being invaded. They are being beaten and shot in the streets. Dorm rooms are being burnt out in order to intimidate students from demonstrating. Yet there they are in the streets. They risk their lives to send reports out of a country that has forbidden the use of the Internet. Every tweet or video you see is a risk to their lives.

So one odd look from a friend? Risking a person not liking you for voicing your faith? Is that so much? We can learn a lot about courage for people that face so much more peril for standing up for what they believe.

June 21, 2009 at 10:57 am
(1) James Mackey says:

I just finished reading a book titled, Salvation Highway. I found it very educational as a Christian. It address many of societies problems and how we have pushed God away. The best part about my purchasing this book, is the author donates all of the books’ proceeds to support missionary work. The book’s blog site is http://www.salvationhighway.blogspot.com

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